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The Relics are Expanding

A conversation between the Grand Wizard of the Relics and The King:

(after going thru 2 receptionsts, the King finally picks up)
Grand Wizard of Relics: “Hi, can I speak to the King, please”
King:  “This is the one and only”
GWoR:  “Hi your Holiness.   Grand Wizard here.  Hey, thanks for your support of the Relics over the past year... but now we are sooooo successful, we need another sheet of ice and another 30 players ASAP!
King: “Wow, wizardness!  How can I help”
GWoR:  “Well, do you have anyone that, well, just might want to jump ship... I mean over to the dark, slow, fun side?.  I mean maybe they see themselves as not being able to keep up with the pace un your league?”
King: “Yes, I do.  I have a list of players that I think can help you out, but you will have to reach out to them yourself because I really think that they think they still have it going on , when in reality, there’s nothing going on... and in some cases, its been gone for some time now...”
GWoR: “geez, do you think you can pass on their names and we will have our recruiting staff reach out to them?  I will be discreet, I swear.”
King: “Sure... here is a short list, feel free to contact them yourself... and tell them that their time has come:
Crusaders:  Burkey, Gabe, Donovan, Buckley, Costa
Sharks:  Drew & Dana
Stingers:  Williams, Murray, Skaggy
Saints:  Roachy, Franky, Justin, Graham
Whalers: Flaggy, Tufts, Conny, Mickey V
Toros:  Currier

To name a few.  I think this group has been great for us but they will be even greater for The Relics.
I wish you luck in your 2nd season and keep in touch.”
GWoR:  “Wow, King... thanks for your input.  I will definately reach out to them.  By the way, you didn’t mention the Beeber.  Any reason why not?”
King:  “I think he fits well in our little league right now.  Besides, you don’t allow fighting do you?”
GWoR:  “You’re right.  Keep Beeb where he is.  Thanks again King.  Will get on this right away.”
King:  “I know you will my son, I know you will”







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